Best Wool Coats for women in 2020

For thousands of years, wool has been in existence and used as an important clothing fabric in society. Even today, Wool can be transformed into a variant of products ranging from clothes to blankets to ornaments and More.

Wool from merino sheep is regarded as hygroscopic and thermostatic since it regulates both humidity and temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This mind-blowing fact validates the versatile applications of Wool coats regardless of where you stay or live.

Not only are wool jackets and coats good for people who live in the coldest part of the United States but also those living in the warmest geographies of any part of the world. A wool sweater makes an unbreakable middle layer that provides perfect insulation for your body in both cold and warm days.

The thermostatic ability to regulate and control the temperature at any given period leaves you with no perfect alternative than wool jackets. For this reason, we present you with an expert review of the best wool coats for women to make your buying decision-making easier and simpler.

What is a Wool Coat?

Female Wool coats are worn either for fashionable or weatherproof purposes. They are made from wool, an important fabric that has been in use for thousands of years, especially in making clothes. Women’s wool coats come in different designs and styles depending on one’s tastes and preferences.

Wool coats can either be worn as casual or formal wears and there is absolute freedom that lets you decide when or where to wear your jacket without any restriction.  For ladies, wearing a wool coat can keep you warm like nothing ever does but also gives you an unmatched elegant look on your body.

Moreover, the amenities associated with wearing wool coats are worth spending on due to high quality and durability; a known guarantee for most wool products.

These coats are made from lightweight fabric; tough and tear-resistant and it will take you a valid number of winter seasons to exhaust them.

Benefits of Wool Coats for Women

Thermostatic: The ability to regulate and balance the temperature which your body needs, is what wool is good at. During cold days, wool coats have the potential to generate warmth for your body and during hot seasons, it can insulate you from excessive and unpleasant heat.

Long-lasting & Durable: Wool’s durability has an uncontested and unbeatable reputation for lasting long. Wool coats can last longer than traditional cotton jackets.

Elegant and fashionable: For fashion enthusiasts, Wool jackets can transform your looks in a superbly manner, that lets you shine like a real beauty. The elegancy that comes with it has proven to be an infinite trend in the women’s fashion community

Reviews of the Best Wool Jackets for Women in 2020

1. Classic Cashmere

Classic CashmereThis is a 60% wool-blend coat made by one of America’s most popular fashion designers, Calvin Klein. The classic Cashmere is a stylish coat that can be worn on both formal and corporate occasions.

It comes in different sizes and categories and would make you fashionably trendy. There is a glamourous sensation entrapped on you when you wear the classic Cashmere wool jacket.

This jacket is one perfect choice you wouldn’t want to miss out on your selection of winter wears that can satisfactorily give you both the glamour and cold weather-insulation.

Because this jacket is made by one of the superior clothing brands, it’s popular among people with a strong test for stylish fashion and you will definitely be excused when you go on a shopping spree for a bunch of them.

Its sizes range from XX-Small to XX-large, meaning that almost every person can have their size that fits them.


  • Made by a Superior fashion brand
  • Can be worn on every occasion
  • Made in the USA
  • Budget-friendly as compared to others


  • Only 60% made of wool.
  • Not budget-friendly

2. Roslyn Wool Jacket

Roslyn Wool JacketWhen you looking for a jacket to wear that will give you both the looks and the warmth, Roslyn Wool Jacket is going to be your choice. This jacket design is made by America’s century-long Textile manufacturing brand, Pendleton.

With over 100 years in the textile industry, the quality of Pendleton’s wool jackets is unquestionable and doesn’t need one to be a dressing expert to appreciate it.

Roslyn comes in the sizes of XX small up to X large. In fact, this jacket is undoubtedly a fashionista’s choice due to its attractive designs and coloring. You will love to wear this jacket either in the winter or in the summer and you won’t regret it.


  • Glamourous design
  • Made by an experienced brand
  • Available on Amazon prime
  • Contains 75% Virgin Wool and 25% Lamb’s Wool


  • Costly
  • Only a few sizes are available as compared to others

3. Kensie Women’s Casual Wool Coat

Kensie Women's Casual Wool CoatThis is one coat that perfectly fits into American casual wear culture. You can wear this coat on any casual occasion and your looks won’t be compromised at any moment.

The Kensie’s coat is made of 40% wool, which still gives it that flavor of quality we’re looking for. It comes in the sizes of Small up to X Large. Also, various color categories are available and you can get one that suits your choice.


  • Good for casual dressing
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Available on Amazon prime


  • Limited to casual culture
  • Has limited size categories

4. Cole Haan Women’s Belted Asymmetrical Wool Coat

Cole Haan Women’s Belted Asymmetrical Wool CoatThis comes next on our list. It is 60% made of wool with a composition of other fabrics. It’s designed in an attractive fashion style that puts you into the shining light of glamour.

Its waist belt is an added feature, making your dressing more fashionable. Both the formal dressing and casual wear enthusiasts would go for this coat due to its versatility applications.

Made by Cole Haan; a prominent veteran with over 90 years in the industry, you rest assured that quality is not something they can compromise on.

The Cole Han brand has built a reputation for elegant quality through craft, style, and high-quality engineering.


  • Affordable starting price
  • Has various sizes and color design categories
  • Rated favorable on Amazon


  • Has a combination of other fabrics of 30% Polyester and 10% Rayon and so if you looking for 100% pure wool, it won’t work for you.

5. GUESS Women’s Removable Faux Fur Collar Boiled Wool Coat

GUESS Women’s Removable Faux Fur Collar Boiled Wool CoatThis is a single-breasted wool coat that has a removable faux fur collar. The coat is made of 45% Wool. Its buttons are stylishly designed with a metallic composition. Its fur collar makes it a comfortable outfit with a soft texture for your body.

This coat can either be worn on casual or formal occasions and you don’t need to be limited when deciding when or where to wear it.

When you want to look good, freedom to choose what or when to wear is one priceless necessity, which Guess Faux Fur coat brings into your life.


  • Metallic buttons make it look nice
  • A removable fur collar is a unique feature
  • Good for both casual and formal wear


  • Seems to be limited in the single color category, which is white
  • Not a good choice for a small budget of below $100

6. Crew Mercantile Women’s Classic-Wool Cocoon Coat

Crew Mercantile Women's Classic-Wool Cocoon Coat This coat comes in various colors that you can choose from. Its various size categories are another advantage when going for it because you won’t need to worry about the availability of a fitting size for you.

You will definitely find the size that perfectly beautifies your outlooks. It has a 46% composition of wool designed with Side pockets and a zipper closure feature.

Still, this coat can be worn either on formal or casual dressing arrangements. Its neat design makes it an eye-catching outfit that may not escape the attention of good dressing lovers.


  • Comes in various colors
  • Has many sizes
  • Affordable
  • Good for fashion wear
  • Side pockets are beautiful


  • It has limited textual design categories with no variety for a buyer to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my wool Coat?

In most cases, wool coats are dry-cleaned. Through this method, you maintain their durability and avoid short-living them. However, it is also important for you to maintain a better hygienic culture so that you avoid dirtying your coat to an odorful level.

Where can I buy a good Wool coat?

It is possible to buy your wool coat anywhere you want. Either at your local store or online. Here on, we normally recommend our followers to buy these kinds of products from amazon for reasons like availability of return policy if a buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the product.

In addition, when you choose to buy from amazon links we supply on this site, you’re helping us to earn some commissions and we thank you for that in advance.

How long will my Wool coat last?

Your wool coat can last for years depending on how you handle it. Once again using the dry-wash method is a better way to long-live your coat. The coat can even last up to 5 or more years.


Wool coats are not necessarily bought for weatherproof purposes. Many people buy these coats because they add an elegant flavor of fashion and class in their wardrobes. When you buy a wool coat, you’ll definitely need to add a matching attire to complete your dressing combination and in the end, you will feel an extraordinary glamour and comfort wherever you go.

Our recommendation is that you don’t want to miss out on the benefits that come with wool jackets. Whether it’s a cold or sunny day, your dressing won’t be limited.  Their durability is an undebatable topic with empirical truth backed by thousands of positive reviews on Amazon alone. Get yourself a Wool coat today and experience the glamour!