The 5 Best Wool Dryer Balls for 2020

There are many different steps we can take to substitute everyday products with a more eco-friendly alternative. One of the easiest steps you can take is replacing fabric dryer sheets with Wool Dryer Balls instead.

You definitely want to keep a several things in mind when looking for the Best Wool Dryer Balls to buy. Some are just as harmful to the environment as dryer sheets while others leave a carbon footprint longer than many plastics.

In our article today, we will go over all the features to look for when shopping online for the Most Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls made from Wool. Here you will also find comparisons of the best-selling Wool Dryer Balls on Amazon along with Expert Reviews and their Pros & Cons.

What are Wool Dryer Balls?

They are Balls of Wool used as a replacement for Dryer Sheets. They have many benefits over traditional fabric dryer sheets. Their main benefit is preventing lint from building up on your clothes, sheets and fabrics. Below are the features that make Wool Dryer Balls the best alternative to Fabric Dryer Sheets.

  • Reusable: Plain dryer sheets are good for one-time use and we throw them out afterwards. However, dryer balls can be reused over and over again. This reduces the carbon footprint of everyday washing and drying our clothes.
  • Chemical-Free: Fabric sheets contain many chemicals and synthetic fragrances to prevent lint and mask odors from your dryer. However, Natural Wool Dryer Balls prevent lint without the use of any chemicals. You also have the option of adding your favorite essential oils and scents to freshen up your clothes.
  • Energy Saving: Using dryer balls in your dryer will help dry clothes faster and more efficient. They do this by lifting and separating clothes from each other which allows the hot dryer air to flow more efficiently.
  • Reduces Wrinkles: Static-cling is the main cause of wrinkles in fabrics and clothing. Wool dryer balls are naturally anti-static and will help absorb static electricity before it causes wrinkles.
  • Collects Lint & Pet Hair: Natural Wool has a stronger attraction to pet hair and lint, compared to other types of fabrics, allowing it to gather and collect it on the ball instead of your clothes. You can easily remove any hair and lint after each wash and use the wool ball again in seconds.
PhotoNameMain FeaturesLink
Smart Sheep
  • Best Overall!
  • Over 21,000 Reviews
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Packaged in the US
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Heart Felt
  • Best New Zealand Wool!
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Made in Zealand
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Best Lumbar Support!
  • Interlocking Filling
  • Machine Washable
  • 10 Year Warranty
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  • Softest Body Pillow!
  • 250-tc Cotton Pillowcase
  • Double Stitched Edges
  • Machine Washable
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  • Best Hypoallergenic!
  • Bamboo Rayon Pillowcase
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Reviews of the Best Wool Dryer Balls for 2020

In the section below, you will find complete and comprehensive reviews of the highest rated dryer balls on Amazon. We have included all their features along with a list of the Pros and Cons for each product.

1. Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls “Best Overall”

We will start with a full review of the Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep. The company believes in ethical sourcing and only hires local Stay-at-Home Moms from Nepal to felt their dryer balls by hand. Handmade products always have an edge over ones that are mass produced.

These wool dryer balls come in a set of 6 which is enough for very large loads. They are reusable and will last for over 1,000 loads, which is equal to 3-4 years. Smart Sheep uses 100% natural wool from New Zealand and is free from chemicals or synthetics. This makes it safe for washing baby clothing and help with skin allergies.

These are larger than other dryer balls and you will only need to use all 6 for extra large loads. You will only need 3-4 balls for smaller loads and you can rotate them so they last even longer. Finally, the Smart Sheep wool dryer balls are unscented which allows you to use your favorite essential oils.


  • 100% Premium New Zealand Wool
  • Helps Dry Clothes Faster
  • Last for 3-4 Years
  • Extra Large Size


  • Only available in 6-pack

2. Heart Felt Dryer Balls “Best New Zealand Wool”

Next we will be reviewing the Wool Dryer Sheets by Heart Felt. The company is actually located and run in Wellington, NZ. They produce the dryer balls by hand in Nepal with locally sourced wool.

Heart Felt uses unscented wool that isn’t washed in harsh chemicals. This will leave the natural smell of the wool, which can be gamey, but will go away after a few washes. You can also choose to add any of the essential oils found here for a more pleasant smell.

Depending on the type of clothes you are drying, these wool dryer balls will reduce wrinkles caused by static-cling. You will see the best results with cotton fabrics. Heart Felt only makes these wool dryer balls in Xl size, but you can order them in either a 4-pack or a 6-pack here on Amazon.

Finally, you should expect these dryer balls to last you for 1500 washes each. This is about 3 years of normal use, but you may have to replace them sooner if they accumulate too much lint or start to come apart.


  • 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Available in 4-Pack or 6-Pack
  • Extra Large 3″ Diameter
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Natural sheep-smell at first
  • Only available in XL