10 Best Wool Winter Gloves to Buy in 2020

 10 Best Wool Winter Gloves to buy in 2020

Wool winter gloves are made to provide your hands with cold-weatherproofing needed so that you can feel warm comfort. Here on wool-comfort, we strive to provide you with the best wool product reviews to enable you to make your buying decisions easier.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best wool winter gloves you can buy in 2020:

1. Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove

Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove These have been made from merino wool and they’re good at generating warmth for your hands during coldness like in winter season.

They’re good for various applications like your skiing activities, ice snowboarding, ice skating, hiking vacation, or any other outdoor winter activities.

They’re soft, resilient, long-lasting, and comes in various sizes and color categories.


  • Versatile applications
  • Durable
  • Winterproofing
  • Made from merino wool
  • Affordable


  • Only three colors available
  • Not good for heavy work

2. HOT SHOT Men’s Gloves

HOT SHOT Men’s GlovesThese are some of the best finger gloves you can buy on Amazon. They have a robust texture that can provide cold-weather insulation for your hands.

They have been designed for men to use them in their outdoor activities, especially during coldness.

You can even buy them for your fiancé as a gift and he will not fall short of appreciation for these amazing wool-made hand-wears.

Designed to last longer, the hotshot men’s gloves are some of the priority things that shouldn’t miss on your winter shopping list because they’re capable of providing your hands with warmth and they’re comfortable to use.


  • Wool-made
  • Textural resiliency for insulation
  • Tough-work usable


  • Only for men
  • Not made from the USA
  • Only imported
  • One limited size available
  • No various colors available

3. Smartwool Unisex Gloves

Smartwool Unisex GlovesAny wool product enthusiast would find these gloves some of the best. They’re wearable for both men and women and comes in various colors and sizes.

They’re made from 100% merino wool and can add a stylish blend on you when you wear them but most importantly, they provide the necessary warmth you need when cold weather strikes.

What if I also told you that these gloves are touch-screen-friendly? Once you wear these gloves you will able to conveniently browse your smartphone, make phone calls or even type and send text messages.

Wear them for any outdoor demand whether winter jogging, skiing or anything else, these gloves are for you.


  • Touch-Screen-friendly
  • Versatile applications
  • Various sizes available
  • Made from Merion wool
  • Unisex hand-wear
  • Machine-washable


  • Limited color options available

4. Minus33 Fingerless Gloves

Minus33 Fingerless GlovesThese gloves are work-friendly because of their fingerless designs.

Minus33 gloves are good for various applications; for example; they can be conveniently used when typing on your laptop, browsing your touch screen, or when using your chopsticks to eat food.

These gloves are elastic and can almost fit everybody as they also come in several sizes.


  • Work-friendly design
  • Made from Merino wool
  • 100+ year brand
  • Made from the USA
  • Amazon’s choice


  • Limited color options available

5. Men’s Thinsulate 3M Thick Wool Knitted Half Mitten Suede Palm Gloves

Men's Thinsulate 3M Thick Wool Knitted Half Mitten Suede Palm GlovesThese gloves have a heavy-duty design due to their thick texture, perfect for weatherproofing in winter.

If you’re a man with heavy work, then these gloves could work for you. Their ability to generate warmth in cold weather is unchallengeable.

Moreover, these gloves can be turned into a fingerless design by just flipping down their mitten.

This incredible feature can expand your working ability without compromising your efficiency with these gloves on your hands.


  • Fingerless convertible design
  • Soft & durable
  • Super thick for warmth
  • Various colors & sizes


  • Design for men only

6. Warmen Women gloves

Warmen Women glovesAre you looking for gloves that are waterproof and as well as weatherproof? Here are the Warmen women gloves with an incredible design perfect for every strong woman.

Their feminist outlook is also something you can admire about these gloves, as they fit very well into the fashion workshop of any stylishly-triggered woman.

Buy these for your friend and she will be left in an endless mood of happiness.


  • Waterproof design
  • Perfect weatherproofing accessory
  • Fashionable
  • Minimalist with no much details
  • All-application wear
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Good for heat insulation


  • For women only
  • Slippery outer

7. Warmen Men’s Gloves

Warmen Men’s GlovesWho told you that wearing gloves would deter you from driving your car? Maybe with some other gloves but not the warmen men’s gloves.

These are incredible and good for winter driving. They’re waterproof, resilient in nature, and designed to last longer.

The inlayer lining is woolen with a soft texture and capable of generating thermostatic temperature for your hands.

They’re good when driving, sending text messages, or browsing through your touch screen gadget. Buy these gloves and you won’t feel any regrets.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable
  • Good for driving
  • Good for heat insulation


  • Designed for men
  • Slippery outer

8. Hestra Men’s and Women’s gloves

Hestra Men’s and Women’s glovesThese wool-Lined gloves are good for skiing sports and other outdoor activities that require a robust texture. Their outer is made of leather; making them waterproof.

The inlayer wool-lining is removable and can easily be cleaned through hand-washable or machine-washable methods.

Whether you’re a woman or man, these gloves are for you as their design and durability can’t be ignored.


  • Leather outer
  • Durable design
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Unisex (for men & women)
  • Various sizes


  • Limited color patterns
  • Expensive

9. Smartwool Unisex Striped Liner Gloves

Smartwool Unisex Striped Liner GlovesThese Smartwool gloves have a strip-liner and work both for men and women. Made from merino wool, they’re a perfect warm-generating companion for your hands in an extreme cold-weather environment.

The striped liner; gives them a beautiful blend outlook that won’t compromise your stylish dressing selection.

It is advisable not to bleach or tumble dry these gloves, but you may cool iron and dry clean them to ensure their durability.


  • Stripe-design
  • Good for men & women
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Versatile wear applications
  • Various colors and sizes
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Not good for heavy-duty work

10. Bhwin Men’s Winter Gloves

Bhwin Men's Winter GlovesThese gloves are designed to provide thermal insulation for your hands. They have an open fingertips design which enables doing any finger-sensitive work easier like texting on your smartphone, using chopsticks, keyboard typing, playing the piano.

Enjoying your outdoor winter sporting activities like ice skating, skiing, or hiking with these amazing gloves. Buy them as a gift for your friend to bring a smile on his or her lips.


  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Open fingertips design
  • Versatile applications
  • Different color designs


  • Seems dirt-sensitive