Best Wool Diaper Covers for Babies

Wool Baby diaper covers are made from wool fiber. These diaper covers are skin-friendly to your kid and have no harmful effect. Wool has a reputation of being hypoallergenic and it is resistant to dust mites, mold/mildew, and bacteria growth.

Benefits of Wool Baby Diaper Covers

Wool diaper covers offer a lot of benefits to your baby and these include;

  • Durable: Like any other fabric made from wool, these diapers will last longer and hence they will save you much money without having to replace them frequently
  • Skin-friendly: Wool baby diapers don’t cause itching issues on your baby’s skin. Your kid will enjoy calming & relaxing moments when worn with wool diaper covers.
  • Easy to clean: It is pretty easy to wash and clean your baby diaper covers. You can either use your hands to clean them or use a washing machine.
  • Perfect-weather insulator: The composition of wool in these diapers make them good at regulating temperature for your kid. When it is cold, these diaper covers will provide the necessary warmth needed and when it is hot, they will shield your baby from feeling much warmth
  • Moisture-wicking; These diaper covers will absorb moisture and sweats from your baby to provide a comfortable environment for him or here.

How To Clean Wool Baby Diaper Covers

Maintaining and cleaning your baby’s diaper covers is very important as this prevents harmful germs from taking refuge around him or her. Wool Diaper covers if not cleaned or washed can lead to serious hygiene problems hence endangering your kid.

This is why these covers need to be washed regularly on a frequent basis. Washing these covers should be done almost on a daily basis whenever you remove and replace it with another.

Your baby should be worn a wool diaper cover for a few hours and replace it with another. Don’t keep your kid in one diaper cover throughout the entire day as this is not hygienically recommended.

When cleaning, make sure you get the best detergent to use which won’t make this diaper covers itchy for your kid. We recommend that you find organic detergents that have no harmful chemicals.

Best Wool Baby Diaper Covers to buy in 2020

Here are some of the best wool diaper covers to buy for your baby in 2020;

1. Ecoable Organic Merino Wool Diaper Cover

Ecoable Organic Merino Wool Diaper CoverThis merino wool diaper cover has a very thin texture and provides a perfect clothing layer for your baby diaper.

Lightweight and single-knit, and ideal for daytime especially during hot summer days. It is a breathable design even with bulk garment fitting and has the absorbency and moisture-repelling properties of wool.

Please know that this particular cover has been designed for day-use purposes only.  Don’t use it on your baby during nighttime or nap time when you are unable to change your baby’s diaper on a regular basis.

Buy this cover from Amazon


  • Thin-layered and breathable
  • Light cover and non-itchy
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Seems to be a delicate design

2. Tevirp Merino Wool Baby Knitted Soaker Diaper Cover

Tevirp Merino Wool Baby Knitted Soaker Diaper CoverThis diaper cover is 100% merino wool and made from the EU. Small, Medium, and large size categories are available in various color designs.

The small size category fits babies of 0-5 months, the medium size fits 6-12 months old and the large size fits 12-24 months old babies. Buy the best fitting size for your kid and give him or her a mom’s love experience.

Your kid will feel relaxed and calm when he or she is worn in this baby diaper cover. Buy it cheaply from Amazon and happy shopping!


  • Various sizes
  • Different color designs


  • Not made from the US
  • Can only be imported

3. TevirP Wool Baby Soaker Diaper Cover Longies

TevirP Wool Baby Soaker Diaper Cover LongiesThis has longer leggings which are good for shielding your baby from cold weather.

It is also made from 100% merino from European Union with stunning quality that brings comfort to your kid. It has been designed in various sizes that fit babies from 0-24 months.

This Wool diaper cover is friendly to babies because it is hypoallergenic; meaning that it doesn’t cause skin allergies or any itching conditions that could be discomforting to your baby.

Buy the Tevirp long wool diaper cover and your baby will remain calm, relaxed, and happy the whole day. It is soft, comfortable, and lightweight to use. Buy it on Amazon


  • 100% merino wool
  • Non-itchy
  • Long leggings design
  • Various sizes


  • Not made from the USA
  • Can only be imported

4. DISANA Wool Diaper Covers

DISANA Wool Diaper CoversIt is a mom’s happiness to see her baby feeling calm, relaxed, and healthy. And the baby’s happiness is revealed when extraordinary care is given to them.

The kinds of clothing you put on your kid determine his or her general wellness. Some clothing fabrics are uncomfortable to wear because they generate a lot of heat or they’re itchy.

The situation even gets worse when it comes to selecting the diaper covers for your baby. But worry no more because DISANA wool Diaper Covers are made to put a mom’s heart to rest.

The best assurance you will get is that these diapers are made from 100% wool; a popular fabric with a clear reputation of regulating temperature and repelling microbial elements.

This particular baby diaper cover has been designed to give your baby a calming experience the whole day.

It is comfortable and soft and your baby’s rest won’t be disrupted by any itching issues. If it comes to sleeping, your baby will have uninterrupted sleep and the mom’s heart will surely be satisfied with this diaper cover.

Moreover, this cover has the blessings of the GOTS (global organic textile standard) certification; meaning that the fabric contents are purely organic with no harmful effects to your baby’s health. Buy one of these and live happily with your baby. Buy this diaper cover on Amazon


  • Global Organic Textile Standard certification
  • Wool made 100%
  • Various sizes & colors
  • Double knitted with 2 layers of wool


  • Not made from the USA
  • Can only be imported

 5. Tavira Personalized Merino Wool Baby Cloth Diaper Cover

Tavira Personalized Merino Wool Baby Cloth Diaper CoverAny mom should have the best diaper covers for their babies for exquisite comfort and experience.

Buy a baby diaper cover capable of regulating the room temperature for your kid. This is why you need to buy the TevirP personalized baby cover.

It’s made from wool and has a thermostatic ability to regulate the temperature of your baby. When it is so hot, this cover will shy your kid from extra warmth and when it is cold, it will generate the necessary warmth for him or her.

The other benefits of this diaper include having anti-microbial components because of wool composition and being able to wick away moisture like sweat from your kid.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and a mom will have several varieties to choose to buy without limitations. Buy it on Amazon


  • Various sizes available
  • Different color options
  • Wool made
  • High quality with personalized design
  • Long legging design for weatherproofing


  • Not made from the USA
  • Can only be imported

6. Engel Organic Merino Wool Silk Baby Pants Longies

Engel Organic Merino Wool Silk Baby Pants LongiesThese adorable baby pants and diaper covers are made of a super soft Merino virgin wool and mulberry silk blend that is extremely warm and comfortable.

This unique blend of Merino wool and silk will keep baby’s legs warm in cooler weather and they’re temperature-friendly in the warmer weather.

Wearing these on your baby won’t give you any worries on issues like allergies because the fabrics they have been made of have GOTS certification.

This means that these diapers have been made from organic fabric with no harmful element for your baby’s health and general wellbeing.

Buy these baby pant & diaper covers to shield your kid from coldness as well as provide the necessary comfort he or she deserves. Buy on Amazon


  • GOTS certified
  • High-quality design
  • Various color designs
  • Different sizes available


  • Not made from the USA
  • Can only be imported

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my baby’s wool diaper cover?

Baby diaper covers made from wool can be cleaned using either hand-washing or machine-washing methods. Make sure you also use the right type of detergents when washing your baby’s diapers. It is better that you avoid chemical-filled or synthetic detergents that could cause issues with child’s health. We advise you to use organic detergents.

Are Wool Baby diaper Covers Durable?

Yes, most wool fabrics last for longer than clothes made from other fabrics. So, the durability of your Wool baby diaper is indisputable.

Why Should I buy wool diaper covers?

Wool has various benefits like being antimicrobial; meaning that it has the potential to repel germs that could infect your baby. Secondly, Wool is thermostatic in that it can regulate temperature. When it is cold, it will generate warmth and when it is too warm, it will shield you baby’s body from much warmth

Where Can I buy wool diaper covers?

Wool baby diaper covers can be bought from Amazon. The baby diaper covers we’ve reviewed in this blog are already linked with Amazon links. Just click on them and you will be taken to your favorite products.