Best Wool Pressing Mats to buy in 2020

8 Best Wool Pressing Mats to buy in 2020

Wool pressing mats are trendy and most preferred these days for ironing, quilting, or making DIY embroidery projects at home. Due to their textural resiliency, they’re a perfect choice to use in 2020.

Since they’re made from felted wool, it gives them the ability to absorb and hold heat compared to other pressing mats made from other fibers. Enough heat is necessary as the pressed seam needs it to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, the Pressing efficiency of the wool ironing mats is extraordinary as it creates a much flatter seam without causing any distortion. Moreover, wool pressing mats have gained praise from enthusiasts ranging from being time-saving to creating flat-press needed.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some of the best wool pressing mats you can use for your ironing, quilting or embroidery projects at home in 2020;

1. Savina Wool Pressing Mat

Savina Wool Pressing MatIt measures 4in x 17in and 100% made from wool. It can conveniently be used for standard ironing with or without steam.

This pressing mat has been designed with dense interlocking fiber which prevents it from stretching which makes your quilting and ironing very easy and highly efficient without wasting much time.

It is portable and good for sewing and making DIY embroidery projects at home.


  • Portable
  • Refund policy available
  • Made from Wool


  • For only small embroidery projects

2. Cottage Lane Wool Pressing Mat

Cottage Lane Wool Pressing Mat Are you in need of a perfect pressing mat that will retain lots of heat and transfers it back on seamed material?

It is absolutely the cottage Lan wool Pressing Mat as it will do this job for you in an amazing and effective way.

This pressing mat provides a perfect ironing surface for quilting blocks and will satisfy all your fabric pressing needs.

Using it will make ironing and pressing easier and faster, saving time and energy.


  • Ability to retain lots of heat
  • Made from the USA
  • Wool-made
  • Various sizes available
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Good for profession crafters & artists
  • Flat & Smooth


  • Complaints of bad smell when using steam have been registered on amazon

3. icoXXch Wool Pressing Mat

icoXXch Wool Pressing Mat This 100% Wool pressing mat provides a flat surface for efficient ironing and can keep your fabric in place with dense interlocking fibers to prevent stretching.

Using this pressing pad is a good choice due to its stunning quality as it makes quilting and ironing easier and more efficient. It is portable and can easily fit into a handbag when planning a trip anywhere.


  • Portable to carry
  • Good for DIY embroidery projects


  • Only grey color available
  • No money-back guarantee

4. Gypsy Quilter Wool Pressing Mat

Gypsy Quilter Wool Pressing Mat This is another great pressing mat made from wool that comes in various sizes to suit your needs.

It is made from the USA and provides a perfect pressing surface for all your ironing and quilting projects. Its textural makeup makes it harder for fabrics to shift when pressing or ironing and thus prevents distortion.


  • Made from the USA
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Made from 100% wool
  • Positively reviewed on Amazon


  • No money-back guarantee

5. Gift2U Wool Pressing Mat

Gift2U Wool Pressing Mat This is a high-quality ironing mat made from 100% New Zealand wool. It has the ability to retain the necessary heat needed for ironing or quilting. Its stiff design creates a perfect surface to prevent distortion when pressing.

It is portable, soft, and clean and doesn’t have rough surfaces to catch and fray your fabrics. You can easily rinse it with clean cold water and get it line-dried.


  • Made from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Soft and clean
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Various sizes not available

6. Bysoru Countertops Wool Pressing Mat

Bysoru Countertops Wool Pressing Mat It is a portable design that will fit into your handbag especially when traveling. It is thick design provides more durability compared to other pressing mats. Has wider applications ranging from ironing to embroidery DIY projects at home.

This pad will provide a perfect ironing station that suits your needs with the ability to absorb heat and retain it.


  • Various sizes available
  • Efficient ironing surface
  • Made from Wool
  • Portable size
  • Thick and durable


  • No money-back guarantee

7. Mupai Wool Pressing Mat

Mupai Wool Pressing Mat This wool press mat has been designed in three size dimensions. These size categories include; 18 x 12 – large enough size, 13 X14 – not too big or too small, 10 x 10 – portable size, suitable for travel. It has been made from natural New Zealand wool


  • Three size-dimensions available
  • 100% New Zealand wool
  • Efficient ironing
  • Wider applications


  • Not made from the USA

8. Nobrand Wool Pressing Mat

Nobrand Wool Pressing Mat This is a premium quality pressing mat made from 100% wool with a portable size of 17” x 13”. This pressing matt allows you to do efficient ironing with no worries of synthetic fillers or melting chemicals susceptible to heat.

Its felted texture provides the needed friction and dense interlocking fibers to p-prevent stretching during quilting ironing or any other embroidery DIY project.


  • Portable size
  • Premium quality
  • Thick-sized and durable


  • No various size dimensions available

Important Tips & notes when using Wool Pressing Mats

  • It is important to use medium heat in order to achieve the best results when ironing on these pressing mats
  • Never leave your iron on these mats for too long as this could lead to burning.
  • Store a woolen pad in an airtight container to ensure its durability.
  • Woolen scents may be emitted upon initial use but this smell will dissipate. If your sensitive to wool fragrance, steam-ironing on these pads could cause a wool scent effect that could possibly agitate you. However, it will disappear soon after your ironing is done.
  • Make sure your wool pressing mats are kept clean all the time. Prevent putting them in dusty environments that could dirt them and compromise the necessary hygiene during needed for ironing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best size of wool pressing Mat?

The best size option varies from user to user. Several dimensional sizes are available and a user can buy them depending on their needs. Remember, the larger the mat the higher the cost.

If you want your entire quilt block to fit on the pressing mat then the larger size is for you.

What actually makes Wool Pressing Mats better than others?

Wool is known for absorbing heat and retaining it which is something needed in embroidery, ironing or quilting. Secondly, Wool pressing mats have a dense and rigid texture that prevents stretching of the seam when quilting or ironing.

How should I keep my pressing mat clean?

Your Wool pressing mat must be kept away from dusty environments or wet areas with water as this could shorten its durability.

Where can I buy my Wool pressing mat?

It is simple; buy it from Amazon and we’ve supplied the links on each of the products we’ve reviewed on this site.