Best Wool Roving Yarn to buy in 2020

Best Wool Roving Yarn to buy in 2020

Roving yarns are used to knit specialized or personalized clothing at home or for commercial purposes. They are long and narrow bundles of fibers made from wool fleece or any other fibers.  Here are some of the best wool yarns you can buy to make any personalize textile artistry in 2020

1. Living Dreams Yarns

SILK MERINO Fiber Buy these wool yarns to enjoy the best quality and make any textile designs of your liking. They come in three different color categories and will add extraordinary embroidery details that will beautify your weaving artistry.

Long-lasting and easy to use in any of your custom textile projects. The reputation of the wool itself in outmatching other fabrics is indisputable and this is what you will get from the living dreams yarns.

Buy these yarns and start your journey of creative textile artistry that will position you into the industry.


  • Merino Wool
  • Stunning color
  • Durable


  • Only three-color categories available
  • Not 100% wool

2. DIRUNEN Merino Wool Yarn

DIRUNEN Merino Wool Yarn Big Chunky Are you planning to make a big textile weaving or sewing project? The Dirunen yarn comes in a big chunk that lets you make your custom textile design from merino wool yarns.

The application for this yarn is versatile and unlimited.This is because it is ideal for needle felting, wet felting, spinning, weaving, embellishments, doll making, soap making, making of dryer balls, and more.

You can make pretty anything textiles from this yarn. It comes in various categories that will let you spice up your designs the way you want them.

With this yarn, you will be able to make a beautiful wool scarf, a pet bed, or a beautiful wool blanket.

Whatever you make from this yarn could be a unique and absolutely gorgeous gift for any occasion.

This wool yarn is versatile and easy to integrate into different textile artistry which could be perfect presents to those you care about like friends, families, or anyone who loves needle felting. Get your Dirunen Yarn from Amazon and expand your productivity and creativity


  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Various colors
  • Easy to use
  • Different weight categories available


  • Only good for big textile projects

3. Inverse Growth Giant Wool Yarn

Giant Wool Yarn Chunky Merino This also comes in a big chunk and perfect for knitting beautiful fabric designs for your home or commercial sale. This big chunk has neat and clean yarn that is durable, easy to use, and super soft.

This yarn is fun and easy to work with especially on you weaving or knitting projects at home. For those who prefer homemade luxury items, this yarn is for you to start the creative artistry you prefer.

The Inverse growth Giant Wool Yarn is a perfect choice for itinerant, extreme knitting, crochet or arm knitting, hand knitting. However, this particular yarn is not recommended for felting.


  • Versatile knitting application
  • Various color categories available
  • Giant chunk for big projects


  • Not good for felting

4. FOHOMA Giant Wool Yarn

Giant Wool Yarn Chunky Arm Knitting Super Soft Wool Yarn Bulky Wool Roving Fohoma Wool yarn comes in various color categories perfect for knitting projects at home. If you’re looking to make high-quality textiles with personalized or custom artistry, then the Fohoma yarn won’t disappoint you.

Expect comfortable and super soft results that will bring glamour and beauty in your daily use. Show the artistry in you by making your own thick knits like blankets, hoods, scarves, hats, rugs, etc for home decor or gifts.

Everything you make from this yarn will last longer. Buy this yarn and start your knitting project right away. Use the various colors available to knit any design of your liking.

Surely, the Fohoma wool yarn is your choice to start a beginner’s journey for the DIY textile weaving or knitting at home. In addition,  Fohoma yarn has also been liked by professionals because of its wool composition most preferred in the textile industry.


  • Big chuck
  • Various colors
  • Wool fiber
  • Versatile application


  • Not recommended for felting

5. Wistyria Editions Wool Roving 8-Pack

Wool Roving 8-PackFurry Friends Unlike other roving yarns that you buy in a single color, the Wistryia editions yarn comes in a pack of 8 color categories.

This will let you make beautiful and colorful designs that will look great in your house once you have completed your knitting project.

The fact that it comes in the different color pack, makes it cost-effective than the rest of other yarns sold in a single color category.

Buying this yarn will save you money which you may spend while buying one color yarn at a time. Use this yarn pack to knit whatever you want with artistic designs that will brighten your home.


  • 8-color pack
  • Easy to use
  • Durable merino yarn


  • The pack is small for big projects

6. Lion Wool-Ease Yarn

Lion 640-103D Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn This yarn is so thick in size. It is perfect for knitting custom clothing fabrics that can last for a long time.

With your amazing knitting artistry, make anything you want with this yarn. This could be Wool sweaters, jackets, vests, slippers, hats, or any design of your liking.

There is no limitation to expose the creativity in you when it comes to making or sewing the custom clothing that will satisfy your desire. Buy this yarn for durability and you won’t regret


  • Thick & durable
  • Good for making heavy-duty clothing
  • Perfect for winter cloth knitting
  • Various style categories available


  • So thick to make Porous clothing
  • Small size